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grilled salmon, kale, and grapefruit salad.

29 Apr

let’s fast-forward to summer, k? and use the grill for every meal! breakfast included.

here’s last night’s simple dinner, enjoyed al fresco.

grilled salmon, kale, and grapefruit salad (serves 1):

  • 2 cups washed, dried, and chopped kale (any variety)
  • 1/2 grapefruit, de-seeded and peeled
  • 1/4 cup red onion, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup julienned carrots
  • 1/4 cup lentils, 1/4 cup quinoa
  • filet of salmon; marinated in olive oil, garlic, and parsley (s & p to taste)

*the lentils (legumes) and quinoa (seeds!) are optional, but they’re chockfull of protein to throw into leftovers during the week. win-win.

>>> recipe below.

IMG_7556 IMG_7557 IMG_7558 IMG_7561 IMG_7562 IMG_7563IMG_7565

1. marinate salmon in a dish with a bit of olive oil, chopped garlic, and parsley.

2. thoroughly rinse lentils and quinoa under cold water. strain.

3. cook lentils and quinoa on the stovetop (in separate saucepans).

  • lentils: 1 cup lentils: 4 cups water.
  • quinoa: 1 cup quinoa approx. 2 cups water. [check out the kitchen for cooking techniques).

4. throw your kale, julienned carrots, red onion, and grapefruit in a bowl. squeeze any leftover grapefruit juice into the bowl (it will help wilt the kale).

5. toss quinoa and lentils into salad bowl. store leftovers in mason jars (or tupperware).

6. grill salmon skewers (7-8 min total, depending on the size of your fish).

7. squeeze of lemon//dressing of choice.

8. voila! you’re a chef.


(signed, the post-grad.)

that one time at yoga (humor me, patience).

24 Apr

i know, this post is obnoxiously long…so i won’t be offended if you simply scroll to the bottom.

you can read about my underwear!

wait. what?


yeah, wednesday!

half-way-through-the-week day? hump day?


real mature.

so. today.

in typical edie-fashion, i was right on time running late to an evening vinyasa yoga class.

and it was one of those…i-really-need-yoga-today, days. because, well. just because.

deadlines. and e-mails. and excel spreadsheets.

and dirty laundry. and dirty dishes. and dirty….OK. you get the picture.

you ever have those days? like every day? me too.

um. also. i waited until the absoluteLATESTmilisecond to get my copy-editing completed today.

3:59:59 p.m., baby!


so. after quickly changing, and with about 30 seconds to spare, i rolled into class to find the room mat-to-mat. literally.

and, of course, the only cozy suffocating spot left, was smack-dab  in between two men.

…who had already started sweating.


anyway, i got all situated and immediately started impatiently second-guessing my decision to come to class.

ummmm is it over yet?

but actually, why did i even come?

and wait, did i seriously spend an hour on pinterest, pinning those stupid e-cards?

etc. etc. etc.

but. then the instructor started talking. and she said, “today’s mantra is about ‘patience.'”



that word is as foreign to me as ‘low-maintence’ is to every actress housewife on the real housewives of orange county. or beverly hills. your choice!

shit. where was i?

oh, patience. so yeah. p a t i e n c e.

what’s that? it’s a skill!

and sometimes i feel like i need a bumper sticker that says: SHIT FRUSTRATION HAPPENS.

FYI, there are plenty of reasons to be impatient.

and you can either whip out the victim card, drive yourself crazy, or behave irritably. 

or ALL THREE! (cue: temper tantrum.)

on the contrary, you can also transform frustration with…..patience.

[light bulb: on.]

instead of using FRUSTRATION to fuel my yoga practice, i tried to exhibit a little bit of patience.

  • patience for the two men dripping THEIR sweat on MY mat (cue: gag).
  • patience for my wandering mind (cue: i really just want some chicken tamales and a margarita right now).

so, patience. try it.

but. i get it. it’s way easier said than done.

sometimes all you need to do is take a deep, deep breath. and move on. and well, that’s karma. good things will come your way.

oh! and before i go…

as i was walking out of the studio, i dropped my underwear on the floor.

and uh, they weren’t exactly modest. or a nude color. or cotton.

so yeah.

hastily patiently picked them up. and strutted out of the studio.

all patient and stuff.

karma? idk.

(signed, the post-grad.)

hiiiii, monday!

22 Apr


happy (almost belated) earth day !  <<< way to be all go-getter/proactive/efficient, edie.


life has been busy. work has been go-go-go (seriously.) and spring time in the rockies has never been more predictable. psych.

so. lots on my mind and i’m sort of feeling overwhelmed with the media right now, so a quick shout-out to the fact that boston can breathe a little easier now, as it begins to recover.

so, it’s all over? [!] WORLDFIXED! PEACEANDLOVE! YAY.

…not so much.

dzhokhar (#icantpronouncethat #didievenspellthatright? #idontevenlikehashtags) didn’t exactly get the “law & order” experience of hearing his miranda rights. expect awholelotta issues over how the U.S. legally handles terrorism in its own land.

but. that’s just a hunch.

anyway, here’s my less-than-exciting instragram dump, as of late.

>>> however, A+ work on my vegetable consumption this week!

excluded is the picture of my car that i purposely parked ON the curb. aggressive? yes. late to work? you betcha!

IMG_7445IMG_7434IMG_7506IMG_7505IMG_7508IMG_7523IMG_7518   IMG_7374IMG_7519IMG_7520IMG_7495IMG_7525IMG_7487IMG_7524IMG_7461

a reflection (the boston marathon).

15 Apr

life is so unfair sometimes.

(we wake up.

we work. we eat. we sleep.)

and then we hit the snooze button and cycle through it all over again.

and for the most part, our lives are relatively predictable.

we’ve mastered the art of that whole ‘routine’ thing.

but somewhere…somewhere in the midst of the day-to-day monotony, we forget.

we forget how lucky we are. how blessed we are. how god damn grateful we should be.

how fragile the human spirit is.

we complain about the weather. we honk at the car driving too slow in front of us. we yell at the waiter who gets our order wrong. we bitch about how little money we make.

and then, horrific things happen.

and suddenly, our perspective changes.

what we previously thought was a nuisance, is futile.

as i sit here and type this, i can’t help but desperately question why. why life is so unfair sometimes.

but we’re still here.


to love and be compassionate and be thoughtful and be kind. to give to one another.

from one humble human being to another, quietly say something, anything, before you fall asleep tonight.

if it’s in your practice, please pray for the victims and their families.

and if (like me) you still question whatever greater power exists in the universe, tell yourself you’re going to start complaining a little bit less, and start appreciating a little bit more.

because life is short.

and we need a little more peace in the world.

here is an eloquent and beautiful read about the boston marathon from the new yorker.

(signed, the post-grad.)

sunday funday (spring cleaning edition).

14 Apr

i’m going to complain about the weather for a minute, k? k.

when people ask me if i like colorado’s weather, i immediately start blabbering about the bay area.

oh, you’re from cali?


i’m from CALIFORNIA.

not cali.


*cue high-pitched, obnoxious female voice*

oh my gawwwwd, caliiiiii!



in the bay area, we have 3 1/2 seasons: spring, summer, fall. 1/2 winter.

sort of winter? partial winter? the occasional wind/rain/thunder ohmygodit’sthestormofthecentury!

but mostly…it’s mild.

right now, the weather in CO has me storming (…no pun intended. really.) around the apartment.

like i’m gearing up to have a fight with the universe or something. c’mon, mother nature!

i mean, i dig all the seasons and appreciate them for the time when they should be here (for, like a few months)….but when this is the forecast mid-april, i’m like aaaawwhellNO.


these are not my kind of april showers.

but whatever. it could be worse. and for the most part, colorado has some really, really beautiful weather.

soooo! let’s chat spring cleaning.

yesterday, while it was tornado-ing outside ( god. enough about the weather, edie.), i tackled my super cluttered, why-in-the-world-have-i-kept-those- jeans-from-2008?, disorganized closet.



it got me thinking. we ‘spring clean’ to de-clutter. re-organize. re-prioritize. etc. etc., right?

say, hello to:

  • experiencing less stress. ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt in your dresser? GET RID OF IT. far too often, our belongings have some sort of emotional attachment to them. hasta la vista, baby.
  • saving time. i mean honestly, how many hours have you spent looking for stuff?
  • getting creative! re-decorate. re-design. get all pintrest-y with your D.I.Y. projects. think Young House Love and DIY Playbook
  • feeling good about doing good. it’s a win-win donating clothes to Goodwill.

anyway, now that i’ve successfully cluttered created a fire hazard in our hallway, i’m off to goodwill.

oh, and in an attempt to pretend it isn’t the middle of january outside, i’m shoving spring in any open space in our apartment, as well as in my mouth (…now that was an awkward way of putting it. bring on seasonal fare!).


(tulips. and a messy bedside table.)


Mod Market


(everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dinner)


(typical work brekkie)




hey, colorado. you’re not half bad.

(signed, the post grad.)

35,000 feet.

10 Apr

[to preface]: this was supposed to be my first blog post.

but then by some fate of the universe, i lost it.


you know. like i wrote it and then it disappeared. like my computer said, BYEEEE! right after i finished.


anyway. i thoroughly convinced myself that i DID in fact write it. and that i DID in fact save it. and that i saved it ON my desktop.

so, i stared.

at my desktop.

and let me just mention that my desktop has like, 5 things on it. one of which is this:


go me, go!

turns out i DID save it. and ON my desktop, nonetheless.


SO. if that wasn’t the most intriguing, i-can’t-WAIT-to-read-whatever-else-she-has-cluttered-in-her-post-grad brain introduction, i don’t know what is.


current cruising altitude: 35,000 feet.

and just to put things into perspective, i stand 5’0 on a good day (height-challenged jokes, commence).

anyway, it’s more like +/- 35,000 feet with all this buckled-in-i-think-i’m-gunna-puke-my-cereal turbulence.

MOTION SICKNESS COMIN’ IN HOT! but let’s not get technical.

flying is kind of a therapeutic. and SOunnecessarily stressful at the same time.

case in point: i arrived the ‘recommended’ two hours before my flight (high five!) and i STILL found myself running to gate 76A with a strong cup of coffee in my right hand, ludicrously-priced magazines in left hand; while simultaneously texting my roommate, checking the weather, scrolling through instagram, reading e-mails, and cursing myself for not charging my phone longer.

^run-on sentence comin’ in hot.

anyway. starting this blog somewhere between the golden gate bridge and the rocky mountains is a bit fitting.

california is my ‘home.’ it has (a lot of) my heart. it has my family. my childhood. my high school friends. my frizzy hair and my braces. my swim meets. my road trips. my backyard. my sleepovers. my accomplishments and my failures. my firsts.

colorado has another piece of my heart. it has my college experience. my closest friends. my work. my passions and my hobbies. my vulnerability. my independence. my optimism. my unknown.

as if walking across the graduation stage in a baggy gown//oversized-cap would lead to an enlightening iknowEXACTLYwhatiamgoingtodofortherestofmylife! revelation.

news flash: i got a business degree, not a bachelors in finding clarity.

but if i’ve learned anything in the last few months, it’s about embracing the transition. finding a job and a new place to live and making new friends and loosening that superTIGHT grip on ‘knowing,’ just enough to find solace in the unknown.

so for now, let’s just enjoy the ride. because really, we’re blessed to be where we are. and where we’re going.

(signed, the post-grad.)

let’s get started.

9 Apr

whoa. doin’ that blog thing, yeah? yeah.

soooo hi! even if you aren’t a recent graduate, hopefully what i write here will entice you to stay (no pressure though).

this blog is simply an expressive framework. a creative outlet. a tangible space screaming, THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND AND TYPE TO ME! okaythisismoreexcitingthanithought.

hold up. i’m pretty sure the internet isn’t tangible…right? it’s more like a never-ending stream of information. and false information. and really, really talented, smart, opinionated people. and posers. and wannabes.

BUT. i’m not here to be a poser. or a wannabe. i mean, there’s really nothing revolutionary about my humble space on the interweb…so i’m not here to preach. just talk. real talk. like an invisible internet friend to another invisible internet friend enjoying a cup of coffee (or beer. or water. no biggie.).

>>wait. invisible internet friends? really? let’s just take that beverage with a hefty dose of i-just-met-you-and-i’m-already-embarassing-myself [!]

anyway, think of this blog as a space for me to write. and you to read. and us to connect.

i’m not perfect. i can be a chronic over-spender (i’m talking to YOU, whole foods!). i wait to tackle my to-do list until procrastination has a whoooole new meaning (deadlines? HA.). i leave my clothes in the dryer until they’re wrinkled (…and then said laundry ends up on my bed. unfolded, of course.).

i don’t sleep enough. i refuse to put on makeup because i’m too lazy to take it off. i text and drive. i shamelessly sing in my car. (which is fine. except for the fact that i pretend i’m singing a duet with carrie underwood…and we’re about to win a grammy.).

i never listen to my voicemails and i’m even worse at calling people back.

i’m vulnerable. i push myself beyond my limits. i can be a doormat.

oh, and i guarantee (if you’re a stickler about grammar), you’ll come across a typo (or two). i apologize in advance.

^so, that list? yeah…it’s a lot longer. a LOT longer. but my deemed ‘bad’ habits could also be a lot worse.

in any case, those are just some of things that make me human. imperfect. chock-full of flaws. but human. so, i’m working on finding ‘me.’ cliche? probably. i guess i’m trying to find a little clarity. fulfill my potential. embrace who i am as a whole person.

fulfill my potential? embrace who i am as a whole person? blah. blah. blah. to be honest, i don’t even know what that all means…but i kind of want to find out.

every day we wake up with a fresh start. the opportunity to decide what’s for breakfast and what attitude we’re going to wear on our sleeve. so c’est la vie, k? be ready. be eager. be grateful for this little life and all the people in it.

so, yeah. that’s why i’m here. to acknowledge the fact that life is messy. and chaotic. and that maybe we can do this whole i-slept-through-my-alarm-and-my-bed-head-is-obnoxiously-instagram-worthy-today, together.

this blog is a little a lot bare right now, but all things are a work-in-progress when you begin them (…and quite frankly, until you finish them). anyway, post-grad details doesn’t have a specific theme. yet.

streamofconsciousness comin’ atcha.

you gotta start somewhere, and i suppose these blank pages aren’t going to write themselves.

(signed, the post-grad.)