sunday funday (spring cleaning edition).

14 Apr

i’m going to complain about the weather for a minute, k? k.

when people ask me if i like colorado’s weather, i immediately start blabbering about the bay area.

oh, you’re from cali?


i’m from CALIFORNIA.

not cali.


*cue high-pitched, obnoxious female voice*

oh my gawwwwd, caliiiiii!



in the bay area, we have 3 1/2 seasons: spring, summer, fall. 1/2 winter.

sort of winter? partial winter? the occasional wind/rain/thunder ohmygodit’sthestormofthecentury!

but mostly…it’s mild.

right now, the weather in CO has me storming (…no pun intended. really.) around the apartment.

like i’m gearing up to have a fight with the universe or something. c’mon, mother nature!

i mean, i dig all the seasons and appreciate them for the time when they should be here (for, like a few months)….but when this is the forecast mid-april, i’m like aaaawwhellNO.


these are not my kind of april showers.

but whatever. it could be worse. and for the most part, colorado has some really, really beautiful weather.

soooo! let’s chat spring cleaning.

yesterday, while it was tornado-ing outside ( god. enough about the weather, edie.), i tackled my super cluttered, why-in-the-world-have-i-kept-those- jeans-from-2008?, disorganized closet.



it got me thinking. we ‘spring clean’ to de-clutter. re-organize. re-prioritize. etc. etc., right?

say, hello to:

  • experiencing less stress. ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt in your dresser? GET RID OF IT. far too often, our belongings have some sort of emotional attachment to them. hasta la vista, baby.
  • saving time. i mean honestly, how many hours have you spent looking for stuff?
  • getting creative! re-decorate. re-design. get all pintrest-y with your D.I.Y. projects. think Young House Love and DIY Playbook
  • feeling good about doing good. it’s a win-win donating clothes to Goodwill.

anyway, now that i’ve successfully cluttered created a fire hazard in our hallway, i’m off to goodwill.

oh, and in an attempt to pretend it isn’t the middle of january outside, i’m shoving spring in any open space in our apartment, as well as in my mouth (…now that was an awkward way of putting it. bring on seasonal fare!).


(tulips. and a messy bedside table.)


Mod Market


(everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dinner)


(typical work brekkie)




hey, colorado. you’re not half bad.

(signed, the post grad.)

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