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this summer: on the importance of adventure.

15 Aug


when sky blue gets dark enough
to see the colors of the city lights
a trail of ruby red and diamond white
hits her like a sunrise

she comes and goes and comes and goes
like no one can


i think that after awhile, we become entirely too caught up in living strictly by routine.

because sometimes our chronic workdays are suffocated by monotony, and we can’t help but feel this torrential downpour on the things that once electrified us.

but, with a bit of concerted effort, we’re able to wander off the beaten path. a temporary halt, per say.

and suddenly, voila! we find ourselves in a moment so full of appreciation for simply being alive.


i’m not saying you need to travel outside the realms of your ‘hood to feel this sense of appreciation.

for once, unwillingly roll out of bed just before dawn, and watch the dark sky become a hazy prism of soft, picturesque colors.

(i promise you it’s worth it.)


or maybe you decide to buy a cup of mediocre coffee from somewhere besides starbucks.

like from that cozy shop overflowing with borrowed books and worn sofas, vintage posters and amateur philosophers eating overpriced, gluten-free pastries.

you’re enamored by the vibrant, caffeinated space around you. but there’s no sense of urgency.

only an intrinsic feeling that your little heart is so content it could burst into tiny pieces and scatter across the floor.


tonight she’s out to lose herself
and find a high on peachtree street
from mixed drinks to techno beats it’s always
heavy into everything


as fall begins to approach, i can say with certainty that this summer has been really good to me. like, really good. 

i’ve continually departed from the comfortable nook that is my routine, to collide momentarily with new and old places alike.

it’s as if i’ve recently watched my life become a continuity of change and adaptations and uncertainty.

and well, unexpected adventure.




i’m grateful for the places i’ve travelled to (and across) these last two months: exploring the colorado countryside, relaxing beachside in los cabos, and music festival-going in chicago.






and finally, after i’ve returned to the current place i call home, back to the confines of familiar objects and people and places, i have to remind myself that the journey is far from over.

because if you’re like me, your suitcase remains packed for a week or two too long.

and you find your consciousness drifting in and out of the places your passport has yet to be stamped.



she comes and goes and comes and goes
like no one can
she comes and goes and no one knows
she’s slipping through my hands

so in that sense, the journey is a continuum. your spirit yearns for the unknown, but at least your heart is content with the memories it now holds.



so. with all of that being said, i’m having withdrawals. which is sort of inevitable. and i’m definitely not ready for summer to end.

but who is, really?

13563_10200597154705129_1263382165_n[1] 1157675_10200597169225492_511104169_n[1] 1146533_10200597153865108_1208924952_n[1]

i like that the warmth of the day lingers well into the late evening,

that the line for ice cream at the little tin man wraps around the block,

and that i can drive with my windows down so that my hair tangles around my bare shoulders.


but i do love that the seasons change here.

and i love the glowing city lights right outside my bedroom window.

i love that my neighborhood is alive and bustling with noisy construction and 20-somethings walking in and out of the convenience store beneath my building.


she’s always buzzing just like
neon, neon
neon, neon
who knows how long, how long, how long
she can go before she burns away

(“neon,” john mayer)


most mornings, i wake up with a sleepy sense of contentment. grateful for a life that is so full of potential adventure.

and with a little bit of confidence, i can totally venture outside of the norm. and in turn, i find that it’s easier to lessen the tug. to stop enduring the ‘everyday’ and actually seize the moment.

to live a little recklessly. to take a few more chances.


so, cheers!

(signed, the post-grad.)

p.s. i was convinced that my absence here went unnoticed…i didn’t want this space to feel like a chore, so i chose to neglect my little blog. and i’m sorry! so to those of you (you know who you are) who asked when i’d be posting again, thanks for the extra push.

i promise i’ll attempt to be a little bit more consistent.

but no guarantees.

finding happiness, without a set destination.

28 May

do you ever get in your car and just… drive?

miles and miles of unsolicited pavement and unfamiliar exits, white dotted lines and that ominous center divide.

a shuffled playlist with the windows rolled down, each note and lyric, a memory.

some good! some not so good.


slowly, warmth settles on your dashboard,

the smoggy city air beckons as the hostile enemy to the fresh air you crave.

left hand out the window, it creates energetic waves, parallel to the ground below you.

sun on your cheeks and in your hair,

eyes gaze forward, stretched wide-open.

> > > > >

gas, break, clutch, wheel, mirrors:

the mechanisms to your indefinite finish line.

time doesn’t really matter,

and the rest of the world is distantyet calling—from the confines of your four-wheeled ignition.


like driving, life is the result of actions and their corresponding reactions.

breaking abruptly and changing gears and switching lanes to get us where we think we’re supposed to be.

circumstances are not-so-pretty road blocks,

unforeseen and usually out of our control.

they challenge our happiness. like ULTRAshitty drivers. and even worse, traffic.

but! at the end of the day (err, the end of the drive?), WE are very much in control of our OWN happiness.

LOVE traffic. WAVE to the asshole tailgating you!

i’m kidding.


actually. at this point in time, i suggest making the responsible, mature choice:

find the nearest taco bell or in-n-out drive-through.

cool dorito ranch taco with a side of animal fries? 


looks like i just condoned eating your emotions…

it’s FINE! we all do it.


okay, okay. before i give up, just one last thing:

on my almost-empty-tank-of-gas drive this weekend,

>>yep, just me and my baby!

my mind was spinning in correspondence to my wheels.

as i drove nowhere in particular, i toyed with the cliché saying that it really isn’t about being the first one to get the finish line.

because in that sense, you’ve sort of missed the entire point.


finding the thrill in driving somewhere, somewhere t o t a l l y new is much more real.

i promise you’ll find long-term happiness this way, instead of the reckless, temporary satisfaction that comes from always wanting to cross the finish line, first.


with your hands on the wheel, YOUR happiness is, well, all yours.

every now and then, check your rear view mirror. we take with us where we have been.

but gazing forward will automatically propel you in a NEW direction.

one with adventure and opportunities.

and hopefully plenty of happiness

and more taco bell! obviously.

(signed, the post-grad.)