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4 months of travel, 2 overweight suitcases, 1 passport.

25 Aug

jones, my sister soulmate, this one’s for you.


you steady your gaze as the quintessential california landscape coincides with the miles and miles of patriotic interstate beneath you.


your consciousness weaves amongst the thick layer of chilly sea fog and scattered oak trees and purple-hued wild flowers, all rolling seamlessly over the summer-drenched hills.

with a tight grip on your vacant passport, you realize your dreams are so vivid and curiosity is at your fingertips.

you’re fully aware that you’re about to enrich your life beyond belief.


and suddenly, your room, in our two-story home, tucked away on our proud little flag lot, warrants an american cliché of sorts.


you’re filled with every ounce of hesitation and exhilaration, tipping the scale ever so slightly to the later.

but any sort of fleeting moment is, alas, behind you.


eventually, once you’ve settled in to your everyday routine, leave room for spontaneity.

because i hope that one night, when the mediterranean rain grows heavy outside your new bedroom window, that you race like hell down the narrow staircase out into the cobblestone street and dance barefooted like that beautiful foreigner you are.

and just you watch:

the next four months are going to become a continuity of long bus rides and strong cappuccinos, drippy gelato and wine-stained lips, scenic countrysides and quaint, seaside towns.


and before you know it, you’ll be returning home with insatiable wanderlust and a longing to do it all again.


don’t fear getting lost. or for that matter, getting embarrassed. i guarantee you’ll be misunderstood, and you’ll automatically be perceived a certain way simply because you are an american. just…embrace it.

there will be certain times when you gotta just roll with the punches. things, inevitably, will not go according to plan. for this exact reason, always have extra euros (and snacks). also, patience is a virtue. whatever predicament you find yourself in will probably make for a hilarious story later.

pack like a boss. overpacking will only get you in frustrating tiffs with ryanair when they scoff at your oversized carry-on. i promise that if you can prioritize your suitcase, you’ll learn the difference between what you actually need…and what you can live without.

frame your study abroad in hundreds of photographs, but widen your lens. put an emphasis on capturing people and their interactions, not things. you’ll actually see life in your photos this way.

you’ll discover that through your travels, humanity is far more diverse than you could possibly imagine. you’ll come across people in all sorts of circumstances, faced with limited rights and poverty and it’ll ignite something inside of you. my hope is that you’ll come home (counting your blessings) and inspired to make a change.

finally, leave pieces of your heart in the destinations you travel to, as well as with the people you meet.

be safe, always.

i love you.

(signed, the post-grad.)

back to the golden state.

15 May

over the weekend, i spent time with the people i cherish the most.

my family.


sometimes i ask myself how i got so lucky.

was it all pre-destined? that i’d end up with the most loving, generous, down-right wonderful family?


i’ve always been thankful for my superhero mother, incredibly thoughtful and supportive father, soulmate/best friend sister, and talented i-can’t-wait-to-watch-you-grow-up! little brother.


(paramount beauty.)


the five us just have that synergy, you know? like at times we totally get on each others’ nerves. duh. and we know juuuust how to aggravate each other to the point of “seriously? you KNOW it annoys me when ___.” totally. normal.

yet at the same time, we mesh. so well.

we make each other better people. we challenge each other. we inspire each other. we’re honest with each other.

(especially when honesty is least welcomed.)

and on sunday, as i flew east, i felt overwhelmingly fortunate. and appreciative. like i’m smack in the middle of so many good things right now.


and when i’m with these four beings, i’m taking in such real moments i know i’ll spend the rest of my life remembering with fondness. especially with my little brother.

i don’t have the pleasure of watching him evolve, day-to-day per say, during his teen years.

but let me tell you. he’s going places.

he’s forming opinions and changing his perspective and he’s handling all the exhaustion that comes with being a teenager with such tenacity.

he’s also 100% on the brink of a growth spurt.

go, william, go!

i am just so grateful for the chance i have to do this, to be this boy’s older sister, to be my sister’s best friend, to be my parents’ daughter.


to do what i do and to live where i live and to love these people that i love.

and so the rest of the weekend was filled with fantastic food, soaking up some backyard sunshine, reading, hiking, shopping, celebrating mama’s day, and just, well… simply enjoying life.


best little taqueria 


wrap bracelet / watch / ring

IMG_7628 IMG_7629IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7633

los altos bar and grill

IMG_7645 IMG_7667 IMG_7636IMG_7674 IMG_7685 IMG_7686IMG_7690


sprout café

IMG_7675 IMG_7676 IMG_7677 IMG_7678 IMG_7683

happy hour + my dad’s bbqing (wanna cook for me every night?)

IMG_7711 IMG_7694

mama’s day brunch (x2)

IMG_7695 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7716 IMG_7696

and before i knew it, my dad was driving me back to the airport, fully aware that time. is. a. gift.

and i couldn’t be more thankful for the time i was able to spend in california.

thanks, mom and dad. and alex and william. the time we spend together means more to me than you’ll ever know.

IMG_7718 IMG_7727

and thanks, colorado, for the beautiful welcome home.

(signed, the post-grad.)

sunday funday (spring cleaning edition).

14 Apr

i’m going to complain about the weather for a minute, k? k.

when people ask me if i like colorado’s weather, i immediately start blabbering about the bay area.

oh, you’re from cali?


i’m from CALIFORNIA.

not cali.


*cue high-pitched, obnoxious female voice*

oh my gawwwwd, caliiiiii!



in the bay area, we have 3 1/2 seasons: spring, summer, fall. 1/2 winter.

sort of winter? partial winter? the occasional wind/rain/thunder ohmygodit’sthestormofthecentury!

but mostly…it’s mild.

right now, the weather in CO has me storming (…no pun intended. really.) around the apartment.

like i’m gearing up to have a fight with the universe or something. c’mon, mother nature!

i mean, i dig all the seasons and appreciate them for the time when they should be here (for, like a few months)….but when this is the forecast mid-april, i’m like aaaawwhellNO.


these are not my kind of april showers.

but whatever. it could be worse. and for the most part, colorado has some really, really beautiful weather.

soooo! let’s chat spring cleaning.

yesterday, while it was tornado-ing outside (oh.my. god. enough about the weather, edie.), i tackled my super cluttered, why-in-the-world-have-i-kept-those- jeans-from-2008?, disorganized closet.



it got me thinking. we ‘spring clean’ to de-clutter. re-organize. re-prioritize. etc. etc., right?

say, hello to:

  • experiencing less stress. ex-boyfriend’s sweatshirt in your dresser? GET RID OF IT. far too often, our belongings have some sort of emotional attachment to them. hasta la vista, baby.
  • saving time. i mean honestly, how many hours have you spent looking for stuff?
  • getting creative! re-decorate. re-design. get all pintrest-y with your D.I.Y. projects. think Young House Love and DIY Playbook
  • feeling good about doing good. it’s a win-win donating clothes to Goodwill.

anyway, now that i’ve successfully cluttered created a fire hazard in our hallway, i’m off to goodwill.

oh, and in an attempt to pretend it isn’t the middle of january outside, i’m shoving spring in any open space in our apartment, as well as in my mouth (…now that was an awkward way of putting it. bring on seasonal fare!).


(tulips. and a messy bedside table.)


Mod Market


(everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dinner)


(typical work brekkie)




hey, colorado. you’re not half bad.

(signed, the post grad.)

35,000 feet.

10 Apr

[to preface]: this was supposed to be my first blog post.

but then by some fate of the universe, i lost it.


you know. like i wrote it and then it disappeared. like my computer said, BYEEEE! right after i finished.


anyway. i thoroughly convinced myself that i DID in fact write it. and that i DID in fact save it. and that i saved it ON my desktop.

so, i stared.

at my desktop.

and let me just mention that my desktop has like, 5 things on it. one of which is this:


go me, go!

turns out i DID save it. and ON my desktop, nonetheless.


SO. if that wasn’t the most intriguing, i-can’t-WAIT-to-read-whatever-else-she-has-cluttered-in-her-post-grad brain introduction, i don’t know what is.


current cruising altitude: 35,000 feet.

and just to put things into perspective, i stand 5’0 on a good day (height-challenged jokes, commence).

anyway, it’s more like +/- 35,000 feet with all this buckled-in-i-think-i’m-gunna-puke-my-cereal turbulence.

MOTION SICKNESS COMIN’ IN HOT! but let’s not get technical.

flying is kind of a therapeutic. and SOunnecessarily stressful at the same time.

case in point: i arrived the ‘recommended’ two hours before my flight (high five!) and i STILL found myself running to gate 76A with a strong cup of coffee in my right hand, ludicrously-priced magazines in left hand; while simultaneously texting my roommate, checking the weather, scrolling through instagram, reading e-mails, and cursing myself for not charging my phone longer.

^run-on sentence comin’ in hot.

anyway. starting this blog somewhere between the golden gate bridge and the rocky mountains is a bit fitting.

california is my ‘home.’ it has (a lot of) my heart. it has my family. my childhood. my high school friends. my frizzy hair and my braces. my swim meets. my road trips. my backyard. my sleepovers. my accomplishments and my failures. my firsts.

colorado has another piece of my heart. it has my college experience. my closest friends. my work. my passions and my hobbies. my vulnerability. my independence. my optimism. my unknown.

as if walking across the graduation stage in a baggy gown//oversized-cap would lead to an enlightening iknowEXACTLYwhatiamgoingtodofortherestofmylife! revelation.

news flash: i got a business degree, not a bachelors in finding clarity.

but if i’ve learned anything in the last few months, it’s about embracing the transition. finding a job and a new place to live and making new friends and loosening that superTIGHT grip on ‘knowing,’ just enough to find solace in the unknown.

so for now, let’s just enjoy the ride. because really, we’re blessed to be where we are. and where we’re going.

(signed, the post-grad.)